BigCi Environmental Awards 2019 : Artist Residency

My project involves working with Mycologists around Sydney, cultivating mycelium and Bio-Sonification throughout the UNESCO World Heritage Blue Mountains. August 16 -October 16, 2019

This fully-funded, invitational artist residency enabled the following:

A live interview took place, September 10th, 2019 with the Australian Broadcast Corporation. Here’s a link (they turned it into a Digital Story):

What do mushrooms sound like?

On Statewide Drive with Fiona Wyllie

recording BioData from scarlet fungus Blue Mountains, Australia

Mushroom life cycle

You can draw on the walls at Bigci! I drew a depiction of a mushroom lifecycle- later B&W images of my work with mycelium were posted

Studio view upper level of Art Shed

Art Shed upper level studio area

Ganoderma australe

On my first Bush Walk ever who do I see as we’re making our way down the boulders into the Rain Forest? Ganoderma australe!

grapes? nope these are Bush food

Not ripe enough

mycelium bowl

1st ventures into pasteurizing sugar cane for Ganoderma steyaertanum. This mycelium bowl grew fast- but I over cooked it when desiccating -misreading the centigrade dial! More were made!

lichen spirals on rock

On my way down the cliffs this boulder appeared. I had been this way many times but had never noticed the boulder until this moment. My first thoughts were- this is a map! or special writing from long ago.. the boulder also reminds me of a Brian Froud character.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are excited to announce Tosca Teran as one of the winners of the BigCi Environmental Award 2019.

Here is what the judges said about Tosca’s proposal:

Tosca’s practice is impressively scientific, she is obviously passionate about her subject matter. The jury was inspired by how she integrates boundaries between scientific concepts into her artistic research methods through different media, from living sculptures to biodata recordings. We think there is a huge potential for her practice to relate to the local environment, and she will gain new insights into the Australian natural environment. She is going to share these outcomes of thinking about and living alongside other planetary organisms with BigCi visitors.

Tosca receives a fully paid residency, accommodations, a stipend and percentage of her flight will be covered by the award.

Bush Life: Steyaertanum
Biodata collected from Ganoderma steyaertanum during a 2-month residency at BigCi and throughout the
UNESCO World Heritage Blue Mountains. August 16 -October 16, 2019
Time-lapse, and still images were combined and slit-scanned using TouchDesigner, while reacting to the audio. The time-lapse footage and images in Bush Life: Steyaertanum were recorded weeks prior to the devastating Bush fires, which sadly destroyed much of this life within the Blue Mountains. 

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