MoCA/OSC residency

The Ontario Science Centre invited/awarded me a 3-month artist residency in their MoCA Toronto studio. MoCA and the OSC have partnered up for a year-long pilot project, awarding artists a 550 square foot studio space to create work. 

This residency is part of the Science Centre’s Idea Projects;

“Like scientists, contemporary artists ask hard questions and provoke audiences to think and imagine in different ways.”

Idea Projects provides studio space to artists interested in science and technology. We create a forum for the collaborative exchange of provocative ideas and methods. In patronage, the Science Centre strives to accelerate the creative process by mobilizing interdisciplinary support and forging new partnerships in cultural, scientific research and innovative fields. During their residency, artists plan, create, revise and share their respective art projects. Through public programs and open studio events at MoCA, they inspire awe and spark interaction and co-creation with visitors. Reach and impact of their work is further extended when exhibited at the Ontario Science Centre (OSC).

During this collaborative residency, I will be keeping a daily Blog, here and sharing images on my Instagram account @MothAntler  

Through this residency, opportunity formed The Alien Agencies Collective; myself, Joel Ong, Nicole Clouston, Günes-Helene Isitan and Elaine Whittaker. Together and separately we are using Panspermia as a collective theme.

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