2 thoughts on “Obvara-Iceland

  1. I am working in Australia and love doing obvara – but I think I am the only person here doing it and it is difficult to find out anything! Have you managed to get the “Obvara Eyes” which are so sought after? Or how to consistently get a lichen Mandelbrot pattern? I would love to get any further information. Your article is the first I have read which even mentions using different types of flour and yeast having an affect on the result. Any further information you can give would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Where are you located? I am up in the Blue Mountains at Bigci.org and it looks like I’ve been giving access to Barbara Campbell-Allens Raku kiln set-up to fire & dip! That said, this window of opportunity is open Tuesday next week and I am uncertain whether I will be ready! Give me shout, if you like here is my email: nanotopia at me.com 🙂 It would be fantastic to chat further!


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