Tosca Teran
The transformation of Myth into Matter.
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Tosca Terán


Twitter/Instagram: @nanopodstudio


2005- present: Instructor at nanopod: Hybrid Studio, Toronto, ON Canada

2016/2017: Guest Editor with IceView Arts magazine & web, Reykjavik Iceland

2016: Volunteer docent & caretaker Melrakkisetur (Arctic Fox Centre) Su∂avik, Iceland

2007-2012: Creative Science guest artist instructor, Ontario Science Centre, ON Canada

2010: Kitchen volunteer work-study staff, Penland School of Crafts, NC, USA

2006-2013: Guest lecturer/visiting artist at Mary Ward HS, Toronto, ON Canada

2008: Guest artist instructor, Continuing education YMCA special program, Toronto, ON Canada

2003-2004: Instructor at Fishbowl Studio, Distillery District Toronto, ON Canada

2003-2005: Gallery director/programming director at *new* conceptual craft gallery, Distillery

District Toronto, ON Canada

2001-2003: Volunteer programming assistant for MAG, Canada

1998-2001: Gallery Director for Metal: jewelry & objects, Taos, NM USA

1996-2000: Art Director for Digital Nomads, Santa Fe & Taos, NM USA

1991-1996: Photographic assistant for Stazione Photography, Santa Fe, San francisco, NY USA

Awards/Residencies/Media (select list):

2018: Nes 10yr Alumni Anniversary Celebration Invitation to hold Metal + Glass workshops for

month of June, Skagaströnd Iceland

2017: Ayatana Artistic Research Program (Infinitesimal) Quebec/Ontario Canada

2017: Fish factory/In Here artist 3 month residency Stö∂varfjör∂ur Iceland (postponed to 2018)

2016: Nes Artist Residency - 3 month residency Skagaströnd, Iceland

2015: AiR Gullkistan Centre for Creativity, - 1 month residency Laugarvatn, Iceland

2014: Ontario Arts Council, Project Grant- creation & development

2013: Glass Art Association of Canada, Project Grant recipient

2013: Travel Grant, Canada Council of the Arts

2011: Awarded PAIR Pilchuck Glass school

2011: Alternative candidate for the Christy Wright Art Glass scholarship award, Penland School

of Crafts

2010: Awarded General work-study scholarship for Session 1, Penland School of Crafts

2010: Awarded Full scholarship, The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, Session 2

2010: Awarded Partial scholarship, Pilchuck Glass School, Session 5

2008: Summer Issue (SNAG) Metalsmith Magazine - Studio feature

2007-2010: Resident artist, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, ON

2005: Short-listed for the New Grounds Grant: Harbourfront Centre Installation

2005: Recipient of the New Voices award for “The Entity” new media installation-Digifest Goes

Wild, The Design Exchange Toronto

2005: Featured on, for Digifest Goes Wild @ the Design exchange

2004: Featured on the Poster for Toronto’s Home + Style tour

2004: Featured in Ontario Craft Magazine, Toronto

2003: Review of Digifest ‘Electronic Cities’, The Star, Toronto, ON


2017: Video mapping for theatre, Maz Gedari, I/A

2017: Slime Mould, BioArt workshop with Dr. Sarah Choukar

2017: Processing workshops with Tess Sutherland, I/A

2017: Indigenous Canada certificate University of Alberta

2015/16: Audible objects-arduino programming with Leif Blomquist of MDA- I/A Toronto

2015/16: Unity programming for VR/Augmented reality, I/A Toronto

2011: Private Mig/Tig welding course with Carla Grahn, Seattle

2010: Personal Vocabulary- sculpting borosilicate glass, Instructor: Janis Miltenberger, SA:

Jennifer Umphress, The Penland School of Crafts, NC

2010: Flameworking- The Ultimate Details, Instructor: Loren Stump. Corning Glass, NY

2010: Piece by Piece, Flameworking, Instructor: Kari Russelle-Poole. TA: Eunsuh Choi, Brayton

Furlong. Pilchuck Glass School, Washington

2009: Colour mixing & the John Burton style of off-hand sculpting borosilicate Instructor: Suellen

Fowler, Jesse Kohl – The Studio at the Corning glass, Corning NY

2008: Component Casting w/Glass and Metal. Instructor: Anna Boothe-Urban Glass, Brooklyn,


2004: Beginning Glass Blowing- Instructor: Catherine Vamvakas-Lay, Harbourfront Studios,

Toronto, ON

2002-2003: Intro to sensors, PD, Max/MSP & Microcontrollers.

Instructor: Various, Interaccess, Toronto, ON

1994: Japanese Alloys, die making & forming Instructor: Phil Poirier, Santa Fe Metalsmithing

School, Santa Fe, NM

1993: Amulets & Talisman Instructor: Harold O’Connor, Taos Art Institute,Taos, NM

1992-1994: Apprenticeship with Olin West, & Mona Van Riper for James Reid Ltd., Santa Fe,


1984-1985 Graphic Design, San Francisco Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA, USA

Exhibitions/Installations (select list):

2017: Wonderlandish 3.0: an exploration of sight, sound & touch Nuit Blanche

2017: Wunderkammer Graven Feather Gallery Toronto

2016: Wonderlandish 2.0 live performance/installation, Nes,

Skagaströnd Iceland December 2016

2016: POP1 & POP2 soundscapes for POP, showcasing virtual reality, via a series of three

summer pop-up installations Toronto Bell Lightbox

2015: Memory {holding}, nanotopia, Toronto

2014: OCCAM’S RAZOR, !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre May/June

2014: OCCAM’S RAZOR, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, April

2013: BEAST, video, glass, performance - Maison de Verre GAAC 2013,

Calgary AB

2011: Wonderlandish, audio, glass, installation, City of Craft at The Theatre Centre, Toronto, ON

2010: Infinitarium of Nanotopia, video, glass, performance installation, City

of Craft Toronto at The Theatre Centre, Toronto ON

2009: SOFA, NY, An UnNatural History installation Featured artist represented by Urban Glass,

Park Avenue Armory NY

2008: New work- Perelandria, Urban Glass, Brooklyn

2007: SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) Conference 07 -

Transgenic Heart- Metal Arts Museum, Memphis, TN

2005: “The Object and the Image”, Harbourfront Centre’s Uncommon

Objects Toronto, ON

2004: “Orbis Tertius” installation, new Gallery, Toronto, ON

2004: ‘Choose your Future”, video sculpture installation, Trans Vision04, U

of T, Toronto, ON

2004: “Tehkne” Harbourfront Centre’s Uncommon Objects – inconjunction

with Digifest04, Toronto, ON

2003: ‘Transgenic Morphosis’ installation for Digifest’s “Electronic Cities” The

Design Exchange, Toronto, ON

1999-2000 ACC Shows Chicago, Baltimore

1998: Taos’ next generation of artists, curated by David Witt Director of the

Harwood Museum Taos, NM

1998: “presentation at the temple” installation Taos Talking Pictures Art

Contingency, Taos, NM

Small Algal Bloom, installation view at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts
Glass, wax
Jökulsárlón chopines